About Judas Mordache

The radically timeless edition collectables & innovative sharp-wear design brand 

Centered around excellence and craftsmanship in the construction of leather and precious metals, Judas Mordache launched her brand a couple years after completing her BA in 2021 between Beirut and Paris: Judas is a Syrian, French and Russian multidisciplinary artist - the designer, creative director, producer & narrator of the brand.

Significantly influenced academically and in practice by an industrial, architectural, musical, fashion and a triple cultural background since childhood, Judas approaches her art in a constructively architectural brutal praxis, audacity, androgyny, a high sense of delicacy and experimentation topped with obsessive attention to detailing, making of every piece an innovative and practically luxurious statement, that defies the test of seasons and time.

Newness, credibility, quality and durability of both materials and design is intrinsic to the core of every Judas Mordache creation ; using traditional handmade methods all while experimenting with progressive techniques and reflecting on the multidisciplinary artistic connections of her passions between sound, sight, mind &  body through a very futuristically subversive and provocative aesthetic.

In the vanguard of a modernist’s approach, forged by worlds apart clashing views between dictatorships and so-called democracies where she grew up, Judas is dedicated to target the unorthodox and outspoken generation; the one that will define the future through individual inclusivity while carrying along the screaming statement of a dauntless presence.